Breathe 2010 from HawntedBear on Vimeo.

The tears of our Mother Earth celebrate the gift of birth and death, but while we humans take this gift for granted, Mother Earth can be excited and breathe a well-deserved breath as her true babies, nature, will always strive for full recovery...Enjoy, stay tuned.


  1. Awesome, Just awesome I like the flow of the animation, and the work done on the water is beautiful, it's a little stilted in areas but the overall is just well done. You are Kicking some butt just like I knew you would..:)

  2. Thanks Annas, hope you enjoy the next film. I truly believe as animators and designers we have the ability to manipulate time for our viewers and make them see what we want. When you accept the fact that Art really doesn't have categories you start to embrace your imagination...